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The Week in Pictures: Animals, May 10 – May 18, 2013

Lemur observes the new open area destined to the species in the Zoo of Rostock in northeastern Germany, on May 15, 2013. The area was inaugurated on Wednesday. (Photo by Bernd Wustneck/DPA/AFP Photo)

Baby elephant “Moyo” stands next to his mother “Sabie” during his first outing at the Zoo in Wuppertal, western Germany, on May 15, 2013. “Moyo” was born on May 13, 2013 at the Zoo. (Photo by Marius Becker/AFP Photo)

Borneo apes play in their enclosure at the Zoo in Gelsenkirchen, western Germany, on May 16, 2013. (Photo by Patrik Stollarz)

Fairland Ferguson rides while standing on the backs of a pair of horses during a dress rehearsal for the show “Cavalia” in Sydney, on May 13, 2013. Cavalia, a mix of daredevil horse riding and acrobatics, opens in Sydney on May 15. (Photo by Rick Rycroft/Associated Press)

Baby birds are rescued from a fallen tree at the home of Joshua Keith on Thursday, May 16, 2013, after a tornado destroyed part of Cleburne, Texas late Wednesday night. A rash of tornadoes slammed into several small communities in North Texas overnight, leaving at least six people dead, dozens more injured and hundreds homeless. The violent spring storm scattered bodies, flattened homes and threw trailers onto cars. (Photo by Michael Ainsworth/AP Photo/The Dallas Morning News)

A child watches jellyfish swim in a large tank at the Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver, British Columbia May 16, 2013. The tank contains around 2,000 spotted jellyfish and is part of a major display of 15 various species from around the world. (Photo by Andy Clark/Reuters)

Swan attacks and kills baby Swans in Tymon park Tallagh Dublin Ireland on May 14th 2013. (Photo by Paul Hughes)

Braxton Bielski, from the Houston area in Texas, will spend his final high school days basking in the glory of his record-setting, 14-foot-3-inch, 800-pound alligator. The 18-year-old hooked what is now the heaviest gator ever bagged in Texas – on a line with raw chicken as bait – and then shot it, on May 16, 2013. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) officials certified the teen as the official state record holder last week, according to Fox News. (Photo by Reuters/Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)

A pygmy hippopotamus keeps a watchful eye on her 4-week-old baby as she makes her public debut at the Kracow Zoo on May 10, 2013. The hippo was born April 16th and is the fifth one to be born this year in Europe. (Photo by Jacek Bednarczyk/EPA)

Puffins return to their summer breeding grounds on the Farne Islands as National Trust rangers carry out a Puffin census, on May 16, 2013. The Farne Islands offer good protection for the birds to nest, providing excellent sources of food, and few ground predators. Despite this rangers fear that the extreme winter could negatively impact breeding numbers. (Photo by Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images)

National Trust rangers Will Scott, David Kinchin Smith, Samantha Morgan and Laura Shearer put their hands into Puffin nests during a census on the Farne Islands in Farne, England, on May 16, 2013. A census is carried out every five years with the last one in 2008 recording 36,500 pairs of puffins. (Photo by Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images)

Kenosha police and Racine Zoo officials remove reptiles from a home in Kenosha, on May 12, 2013. Five Central American snakes, two American alligators, one crocodile, a Gila monster and an alligator snapping turtle were taken from the house in the 1400 block of 53rd St. to the Racine Zoo. In the backyard, police found a dead alligator and snake, as well as the carcass of a fawn and skeleton of another alligator while investigating an animal cruelty complaint Monday evening, said Lt. Brad Kemen. The large snake had been burned. The dead alligator was between four and five feet long, while the alligator skeleton measured between three and four feet. (Photo by Mike De Sisti)

Aggressive Bull is one of the highlights of the Rodeo Jaguariúna, Brazil, on May 16, 2013. (Photo by André Silva/Comunic Comunicação Corporativa)

Somali fishermen carry their catch on their heads as they walk to the market in Mogadishu, Somalia, Friday May, 17, 2013. (Photo by Farah Abdi Warsameh/AP Photo)

A sloth bear cub explores its enclosure at the Brookfield Zoo on May 10 in Brookfield, Illinois. The cub is one of two born on January 20 to their 10-year-old mother “Hani”. The cubs, which were making their public debut, were the first successful sloth bear births at the Zoo. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A recently shorn alpaca grazes in its pasture at the Alpaca-Land farm in Salzburg, Austria, on May 14, 2013. The annual shearing is done in the spring to make the animals more comfortable during the summer months. (Photo by Kerstin Joensson/AP Photo)

A giant python 4 feet long turned food Chinese residents after he was found dead after being struck by lightning in a forest in Bazhong, Sichuan Province in southwest China, on May 15, 2013. The snake was found hanging from a tree by residents who extinguished the fire in the forest. According to the villagers, she had been terrorizing the village for years and would be responsible for attacking animals and even a man and a child. (Photo by Europics/Newscom/EFE)

Seven weeks old ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) in the Zoo in Erfurt, central Germany, Friday, May 17, 2013. (Photo by Jens Meyer/AP Photo)

In this photo taken Sunday, May 12, 2013, a wild gray langur monkey scowls as it jumps on a car at a rest stop on a road near Leela, in the state of Rajasthan, India. (Photo by Kevin Frayer/AP Photo)

Jo Shirley, a keeper at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, UK, alongside three wild boar piglets, May 15, 2013. The four week old sisters, Dotty, Hettie and Gertie, were taken into the care when they were just a few days old after their mum had an extra large litter and was unable to give them the attention they needed. Keeper Jo Shirley looks after the tiny triplets day and night, feeding them around the clock. (Photo by Chris Radburn/PA Wire)

A monkey scrambles across electric wires to cross from one side of a busy road to the other in New Delhi, on May 13, 2013. (Photo by Saurabh Das/Associated Press)

A langur baby looks out resting in the lap of its mother at the Khandagiri cave hills in the eastern Indian city of Bhubaneswar, India, Thursday, May 16, 2013. (Photo by Biswaranjan Rout/AP Photo)

Abbi Troy aged 12 from Knocknagree Co Cork and her dog Mollz arrive for the Dog Show, pictured at the “Kingdom County Fair” held in Ballybeggan race course in Tralee Co Kerry, Ireland yest. (Photo by Domnick Walsh/Eye Focus)

Seventeen-year Brood II cicadas emerge in the Leavells Crossing neighborhood in Spotsylvania, Virginia, on May 16, 2013. The first cicadas have officially arrived in Virginia for the 2013 season. Brood II cicadas, which live in a stretch from north-central North Carolina through central Virginia to Connecticut, last appeared in 1996. (Photo by Dave Ellis/The Free Lance-Star)

A walrus is fed with fish by a zookeeper during a baby animals inventory at the Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany, on May 16, 2013. (Photo by Joern Pollex/Getty Images)

A two-month-old Snow Fox cub lies inside a cage at the Royev Ruchey Zoo on the surburbs of Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, May 15, 2013. (Photo by Ilya Naymushin/Reuters)

A baby crowned lemur holds on to its mother, Rose, at the Twycross Zoo near the village of Twycross in Leicestershire, England on May 15, 2013. The baby, who was born on on April 11, has one sister at Twycross Zoo, three brothers at Belfast Zoo and two other siblings in European zoos. (Photo by Twycross Zoo)

Gelada baboons (Theropithecus gelada) play in their enclosure at the Zoo in Zurich, Switzerland, Wednesday, May 15, 2013. (Photo by Steffen Schmidt/Keystone/AP Photo)

As a storm approaches, Grant Bunchkowski of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and his dog, Champagne, take in the view near the city's Lac LaBelle, on May 14, 2013. (Photo by John Hart/Wisconsin State Journal)

A pig sniffs around as it appears to enjoy going out and plough through a pasture in Igis, Switzerland, 11 May 2013. (Photo by Arno Balzarini/EPA)

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