Sabtu, 29 September 2012

"EA" Sue "Zynga" Game Related clones of "The Sims Social"

Are you a fan of the game The Sims? It seems the game has got a new competitor. According to a report from The Verge, EA (Electronics Art) has demanded social gaming company Zynga. This demand is due to the similarity of their games with one of the most popular EA franchise, The Sims Social.

For those of you who do not know, in July, Zynga launched a new game "The Ville" which has similarities with The Sims Social. Even maybe some people would think that Zynga deliberately mimics the game. At least that's what is believed by the EA.

Lucy Bradshaw, GM of EA's Maxis label says that the similarity is beyond all resemblance, Zynga design options, animations, visual settings and characters movements and actions are directly lifted from The Sims Social. According to Lucy, copying is very comprehensive.

The essence of this legal issue is the belief that EA had violated copyright Zynga their game, The Sims Social. Lawsuit of the EA states that Zynga has been copied and the original abusing expressive and distinctive elements of The Sims Social, which is a violation of U.S. copyright law.

Well .. It appears this is not a good week for Zynga, the company's previous game has also been sued by shareholders for their shares drop. How do you own, whether the similarity of two of this game is very real?

                                             The Ville Zynga

                                              The Sims EA

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