Sabtu, 29 September 2012

(Rumor) Half Life 3 Will So Open World Games, Ready to Release 2013

If you are a loyal fan of one of the first-person shooter games most popular PC platform that is Half-Life, then you are already familiar with the various rumors about Half-Life 3 is still not release after the release of his last series,Half-Life 2 : Episode Two, in 2007.

One source who works closely with Valve told French website Le Journal du game Gamers that the process of the development of Half-Life 3 game has been restarted several times, and the latest venture from Valve this time will make it into a game of 'different.'

The success of Skyrim and Fallout games makes Valve seems to want to bring some elements of the open world in Half-Life 3. With these sandbox world platform, Half Life 3 will present a number of NPCs (non-playable character) to allow your adventure complete various side-quests than the main missions.

The source also said that the Half-Life 3 will be launched in 2013 and is ready to circulate early 2014. What do you think will these rumors? Could Valve will really open world elements present in the Half-Life 3, Valve given for this is still synonymous with first-person shooter games and linear storyline?

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