Sabtu, 29 September 2012

Trailer Racing 3 for IOS and Android Comes with Impressive Graphics

If you think the Real Racing 2 has great graphics, wait until you see the trailer for next-generation game from EA and Firemonkeys. They have just release a trailer Real Racing 3 which shows a game with graphics look very impressive.

Real Racing 3 offers a highly detailed graphic display such as, reflection, smoke effects and detailed 3D models that you can only find on high-end video game console or PC. Unfortunately, EA did not mention that Real Racing 3 takes a powerful mobile hardware to get quality graphics quality.

If Real Racing 3 will release with a visual display such as the trailer at the bottom, this is the best mobile racing game ever so far. No jadweal release of Real Racing 3, but this game will release estimated for IOS and Android devices. Well .. i-techno forward progress through the story.


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