Sabtu, 29 September 2012

"God of War Saga Collection" Kratos Will Bring Back to PS3

Popular game God of War soon enters the fourth series under the title God of War: Ascension. Premiere gameplay trailer of the series and also the release of Ascension has been some time ago. Sony plans to bring the God of War: Ascension March 12, 2013.

Still a long time indeed for the Ascension series, but Sony Computer Entertainment plans to bring back Kratos, God of War protagonist, for the PlayStation 3 this year. A retailer has reported on Siliconera that the God of War Saga Collection under construction is ready to be launched this August.

God of War Collection Saga Collection is not the God of War or God of War Origins Collection, but this is a compilation of the game God of War. Want to know what games will be served? Look forward to God of War Saga Collection which will be released late August 2012.


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